Benefits of Sober Living

Living sober is new and awkward.  That is why we strive to maintain a comfortable and structured setting with a caring staff and amenities that allow you to focus on your recovery.

12 Steps and the Benefits of Sobriety as a Way of Life

On page 83 of the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous there is a list of benefits that people can expect from following the sober path. The promises of AA include:

* People will experience a new freedom and a new type of happiness
* An end to financial worries
* An end to fear of people, places, and things
* The individual will no longer regret their past
* They will develop the ability to intuitively know how to handle any situation
* Positive outlook on life
* An end to self-seeking
* The individual will want to start helping other people
* No more self-pity or feeling useless
* The development of serenity

Soul Purpose Sober Living House Residency Expectations.

Along with rental requirement, there is zero tolerance for drugs or alcohol.  Your sobriety is as important to us as it is to you.

Soul Purpose Sober Living is not a rehabilitation or recovery treatment  facility.  We do not provide medical, clinical or mental health services.

Soul Purpose Sober Living is a group home for men that desire a safe environment that supports their recovery – mentally, physically and spiritually.

Participation in 12-Step or other programs is expected , and responsibilities around the house apply to each resident.

There is an expectation of:

  • Attendance at house meetings to set and report on goals
  • Attendance at weekly in house 12 Step meeting
  • Accountability for whereabouts if not at the house
  • Respect for all house residents, including respectful behavior at all times
  • Performing chores around the house to assist in cleaning and maintenance

Our Approach

Our Story

Next Steps...

If you or a loved one is trying to stop drinking, using drugs, or to transition from an inpatient rehabilitation program sober living may be an option.  Please contact us for additional information.